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BienVélo Open 2021 

The first ever - BienVélo Open - 2021!

BienVélo Open - 2021 is a 12 stage bike competition around Skåne filled with pure pleasure and beauty, and maybe some sweat and tears. Once a month throughout 2021 we invite you to take the same route as us, for fun, for time or for any other reason to get out and about (there are so many, one of them being there is literally nothing else to do!). You can partake as often or as few times as you want, it’s free, anyone can join and you can win by being the fastest or the most classy. Our aim is to provide you with something to look forward to during 2021, so feel free to challenge yourself & friends or just enjoy exploring new roads throughout Skåne.

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Top 5 Time Competition

  1. Pontusohlsson:          14pts
  2. Eric                    8pts
  3. cschedin0               6pts
  4. Thiago Metson           4pts
  5. Jakob                   3pts

Current Stage

STAGE 4 - Choose your own adventure!!!!

We're doing BienVélo Stage 4 a bit different since we were away over Easter. We want you to do a 40 km+ ride with at least 400m of ascending. Get on the app and plan your route and get your Froom on.

Stage 3 Leader: cschedin0

Stage 2 Winner: Pontusohlsson, 1h24m

Overall Leader: Pontusohlsson, 14pts

Photo Competition

Stage 2 Winner: GarbageBoy

Overall Leader: GarbageBoy, 10pts

STAGE 2 photo winner:  GarbageBoy

The latest & greatest photos from all stages will be gathered from Komoot and uploaded here each month.
Keep an eye out to see if you are the stage winner, and earn yourself a prize.

Photo comp Standings:

  1. GarbageBoy                   10pts
  2. Kristoffer Raneflod          4pts

Once a month we release a fresh route on Komoot. We then invite you to take the same route as us at some point that same month. By going fast or by taking the prettiest of pictures you can collect points every month and at the end of year there will be prizes for top riders in each category!

1. You need to download the Komoot app, this is where we release the stages.
2. Follow BienVélo on Komoot
3. Tune up your bike(safety 3rd!), get your snacks ready & get out there! 
4. Download & follow the latest route map
5. When you do go for your ride(s), add BienVélo as a participant on your ride and then name the ride with the same title as we have. 
6. Check Komoot each month for new route/map information

How to win:
You can win by being the fastest rider or the rider with the best picture of the stage.
For both competitions you must finish the whole stage (half/incomplete rides won’t count)
The fastest rider gets points according to how many km the stage was.
The rider with the best picture registered on the ride gets as many points as the fastest rider.
There are prizes every month AND for most points at the end of the year.

Point system:
For fastest rider: Points are given depending on the length of the stage
1 point per 10 km on each stage rounded up, eg: 62 km = 7 points for winner, 178 km = 18 points for winner
Winner gets 1 point per 10 km started, second fastest 1 less point and so on down to 1 point; ex 55 km = 1st place 6 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 4 points…
For best picture: The picture of the month gets the same amount of points as the fastest runner that month.

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